Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Kelsey! 5 months old Now!

I cant believe Kelsey is already 5 months old.  The time sure flew by.  She is such a Joy to have in our family.  The kids just adore her!  She is such a Great baby, always Happy and Smiling!  We are so blessed to have her in our family!

Kelsey Camping!
Kelsey sitting with Daddy up at the Duce's campground!
She is such a HAPPY baby!  Always Smiling!

First time trying solids (Oatmeal).  She loved it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


In August, Chad did the Coeur d' Alene Triathalon.  He did it in 3 hours 11 minutes and i dont know how many seconds,  He did it with his brother, Troy and Brother-in-law, Chris. They all did a Great Job!  He is planning  on doing another one in September in Spokane.  We also had a Duce family reunion!  Chad's parents own some property up by Bumble Bee Campground near Kellogg.  We camped, fished, floated the river and the kids decided to do mini triathalon since their Daddy's were in one.  They trained for it the day before.  They did a swim, bike and then a run.  They were pretty tired after. 

                                          Kylie, Katie and cousin Maya holding up worms. They would rather play with the worms than go fishing!
Keyera caught the only Fish!  We didnt get a picture of it , though!
Keyera and Caleb went on Grandpa's four-wheeler all by themselves. 
Katie and Kesley up at Camp!
The kids before their mini triathalon!!
Chad, Troy and Chris before the start of the Coeur d' Alene Triathalon!!
Chad transitioning to his bike!

Chad finishing the Race!

The Guys after the Race!

The Triathletes!!


We Celebrated Katelynn's 3rd birthday on July 4th , Keyera's 9th Birthday on July 13th and Kylie's 6th Birthday on July 26th.  We also went on our Annual trip to Libby, Montana for camping and fishing with my parents..  I love to fish so i always look forward to this trip.  The 3 oldest kids took turns going on the boat and catching some fish.  The kids had a great time too.  July was a very busy month for us!!
                                                           Kylie's Birthday cake!  So Yummy!
Kylie loves makeup!!
Keyera had a few friends over for her Birthday!
Katie's birthday Cake! More Yummy Cake!
Katleynn wanted a backpack just like the rest of the kids!!

The fish we caught!  We caught about 85 fish total in 3 days!  NOT BAD!!
Caleb and Dad sleep in the back of Grandpa Jack truck the last night we were there!  Katie snuck up there in the morning!
Last day we were there!
Kids watching the fireworks!  They loved them!
Kelsey liked watching them too!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer fun!

We had a very busy Summer this year and had alot of Fun together!

In June we went to Seattle and saw the Aquarium and went to the Zoo. We also walked along Pike Street and went to the Temple. The kids had a lot of fun! At first the kids said they wanted to move to Seattle, but after staying there for 3 days and being in alot of traffic, they quickly changed their minds!

                                                          At the Zoo!

At the Seattle Temple!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Newest Addition!!

It's been a long time since i posted anything and i have a good excuse, We found out we were pregnant in August so of course i am sick the whole time and didnt get a chance to update anything. Plus our computer has been down so i couldnt get to any Pictures. So there's my Excuses!! Here is our newest addition to the family!!

Kelsey Michelle Duce
March 28th
8lbs 70z.

Proud Daddy!!

The Kids love their new baby sister. They are constantly wanting to touch and kiss her and fighting over who gets to hold her.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kylie 5th Birthday!

Kylie wanted make up for her birthday!

Kylie's birthday breakfast!

Keyera's 8th Birthday!

Keyera invited 6 friends to her birthday party. They played water games and had alot of fun!

I made a flip flop cake for Keyera. She loved it!

Keyera's friends: Emma, sister Kylie, Emma, Lauren, Keyera, Sara, Haley, and Ashley.