Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Newest Addition!!

It's been a long time since i posted anything and i have a good excuse, We found out we were pregnant in August so of course i am sick the whole time and didnt get a chance to update anything. Plus our computer has been down so i couldnt get to any Pictures. So there's my Excuses!! Here is our newest addition to the family!!

Kelsey Michelle Duce
March 28th
8lbs 70z.

Proud Daddy!!

The Kids love their new baby sister. They are constantly wanting to touch and kiss her and fighting over who gets to hold her.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

She looks so adorable. The kids look so excited to have a new little sister. Congrats!!

Dave and Jen said...

Thanks for the updates. The kidos are so big. I'm sure excited to see you all soon. I hope they remember me. I need to update too, But when i was trying to delete a picture i delated ALL the pics off my camera. I was sure upset. It was all easter and pics of spring break and darling pics of bella. So now i have to start all over. I'm so dump. But I will update soon.