Sunday, August 29, 2010


We Celebrated Katelynn's 3rd birthday on July 4th , Keyera's 9th Birthday on July 13th and Kylie's 6th Birthday on July 26th.  We also went on our Annual trip to Libby, Montana for camping and fishing with my parents..  I love to fish so i always look forward to this trip.  The 3 oldest kids took turns going on the boat and catching some fish.  The kids had a great time too.  July was a very busy month for us!!
                                                           Kylie's Birthday cake!  So Yummy!
Kylie loves makeup!!
Keyera had a few friends over for her Birthday!
Katie's birthday Cake! More Yummy Cake!
Katleynn wanted a backpack just like the rest of the kids!!

The fish we caught!  We caught about 85 fish total in 3 days!  NOT BAD!!
Caleb and Dad sleep in the back of Grandpa Jack truck the last night we were there!  Katie snuck up there in the morning!
Last day we were there!
Kids watching the fireworks!  They loved them!
Kelsey liked watching them too!

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